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Anatomy of a Card

For my incredibly talented card-making sister, I wanted to create a birthday greeting that would be special. I have alot to live up to-here's an example of a card she recently made for my mom's birthday.

I know, right? Is this not spectacular? Each butterfly is cut and folded to look as if they're flying...the window is textured and looks like wood, the eyelet curtain is punched and folded, the background mimics a wallpapered room, the white wooden-look paneling on the bottom gives a cottage look, and my gosh, the most beautiful flowers, each hand-cut and glued, with lovely greens to complete the look.

Really, even this picture doesn't do it justice.

Soooooo, for my sister's birthday, I decided to make her a mixed media card (a cardmaker I am not), but I really liked the way it turned out.

I started with some heavy scrapbook paper-it already had writing on it, an effect I love. I had a small laser-cut wood frame from Michaels and painted it. I glued a flower (painted some yellow on the petals to bring out the texture) and a small pewter bird charm. I then stamped H-A-P-P-Y (with some stamps my sister bought me a while back) and painted a small yellow flower.

I embellished the next page with lace. Above are embellishments from K and Company (love love their products) and, if you look closely, there's a small strip that says "Cat Good Luck" that I found in a Teavana booklet (she has a cat).  Below the lace, I cut some hand-painted paper and stamped S-I-N-G, surrounding it with a paint pen border.

Next, I glued a bird (K and Co.) atop a bird nest image. Inside an image of a crown with the word "happy", I printed and glued the words "Birthday Queen" (I spotted these words on a card and loved the sentiment). Stamping musical notes and butterflies complemented the look I was going for.

Here's the back of the card....left as is, it's beautiful on its own.

All said and done, I really had fun with this project...and my sister loved the card...the best part of all.


New from "Old"

 I love reusing bits and pieces of my artwork. This is a rendition of a collage necklace I created recently. After printing an image of my original artwork I cut and pasted my way to a new creation.


Here's the piece I started with...I needed some of the images for the necklace, so you do what you gotta do...enter scissors and matte medium. The pieces I picked worked perfectly with the theme of the necklace collage. 

So, do you "reuse" your artwork...creating new from "old"?


Composition Lesson

I'm a proponent of improvement...that said, I am always ready to learn and improve upon my skills as an artist. Sometimes I can get caught up in what I call "monovision"-for instance, I find myself creating with a similar color palette for an extended period of time-that's fine and I'm comfortable with that, but not always. I need to mix it up, literally-on occasion, that requires an objective eye. Recently, I've been attending a local jewelry class led by a very experienced beader. Last week, I worked on honing my bead composition skills. Now, mind you, I was there to L-E-A-R-N (the operative word)...the instructor gave us some pointers on placement, color and assembly. I was working on my piece diligently and thought it looked pretty good-when I called her over, her keen eye scanned what I had done so far and she remarked that it needed something to make it POP. She proceeded to make suggestions and, as she was replacing some beads, she saw me shaking my head (do we have some resistance here?). We both laughed, she told me to stop shaking my head, and then the fun began. Her suggestions about color were right on, and the piece turned out beautifully. More about this later-I just can't wait to share the outcome...

Loving this focal piece-have to get more (ok, now where did I get this?)

Love the combination of these beads

It just all works together.

So, this got me thinking....why is it that we sometimes resist changing our way of thinking or doing? When we break out of our comfort zone, I believe there is always goodness on the other side. That's why I'm a fan of collaboration...soaking in different ways of thinking and doing.

How and why do you get out of your comfort zone? Food for thought...


Heart of Art

If you've been reading my blog, you know that I love children's art. Little kids have such an honest way of expressing themselves. I've previously written about a local preschool that fosters art and literature. Here's a sample of "he-art" I found last year at the children's art show...

Alex, you have our hearts!!

Happy Valentine's Day to all of you...may your hearts be full!!


Beautifully (and Artfully) Organized

I was looking for a small hole punch the other day. I happened to be near OfficeMax, so I went in to take a look...found it!...just what I was looking for...a small star-this will work perfectly and add a decorative touch to my price tags for my jewelry. I can never get just one thing and leave so, as I was scrounging through the aisles, I discovered these...SCORE!! Perfect for some of my paints...I know, right?? A label too!! $4 and it was mine.


 So, while I was on the organization kick, I found some other things too good to pass up-they are DiVOGA products.

An expanding file folder...with matching gel pens!

The back is just as beautiful...

And this binder....loving the colors

Love finding items that are both functional and pleasing to the eye-small works of art! Feel like a little kid on the first day of school.

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