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The Art of Ken Cornet-From Textile Design to Art

Recently, I attended an opening reception highlighting the art of Ken Cornet-what a pleasure it was to listen to an informal talk by the artist, who brought us through his experiences designing textiles and surfaces. Long before computers could replicate repeats, Ken's art was the foundation for many beautiful fabric patterns and home decor products. His story was fascinating, taking us through the process of how his art was converted into fabric. The talk was informal, and he graciously answered questions about the industry, art licensing, his own story, and several other topics. His knowledge of art history and the industry in general was fascinating. Here's Ken at the podium.

Ken's art will be displayed through September 15-details here...

For additional information about Ken's work, visit his blog Or, better yet, go in person and view his work, which is spectacular!

It was my first time visiting Gunn Memorial Library in Washington, CT. As I entered the reception area, I was taken by the beauty of my surroundings. The stained glass was breathtaking...picture is a tad blurry, but nonetheless beautiful.

As I looked around, my eyes were transfixed on the ceiling-this is one of many...

 Finding art everywhere, sometimes in the most unexpected way-what a treat!


Bag It

In yesterday's Facebook post, this clay art was featured...a beautiful piece by a very talented artist. It was transformed into this-a lovely yoga carryall! The art translates so well in this piece. Great idea!

These carryall bags are designed and made in the U.S. under the name JoBird. The idea behind it was to have 1 bag to carry everything vs a purse+gym bag+yoga mat-you know the drill-no more shlepping everything in different bags-brilliant! I had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with Pam and Jake, owners of JoBird, who recently launched the Brushworks bags featuring works by local artists. The bags are stunning, and the artwork replication is amazing. The reception was hosted by the Behnke Doherty Gallery in Washington Depot, CT. One of the gallery owners really got into the spirit of things-check out his shirt...

For more info on these bags and the Brushworks artists, go here jobirds. Be sure to read the story behind the bags and how it all started-interesting and inspiring.

 (P.S)-I overheard someone touting these bags for the beach-pull your towel from the front, add some sand, and it's all good!


Lilla Rogers' Art Licensing Class

On my Facebook page, I recently posted an entry about this class art licensing e-course. The whole process was exhilarating. As you know, I love to re-use my original art to create more art-looking at and using my bits and pieces in a new way is a creative challenge for me.

Each week is a different category & assignment. I'm featuring a piece I created for the home decor market. Each week begins with inspiration and a mini-assignment. This module began with floral pictures provided by Lilla, some of which were from her garden-the florals were not typical, but mostly seed pods, buds, stalks and leaf shapes. We were instructed to set a timer for an hour to sketch images so that we would have several floral bits and pieces to choose from for the week's big assignment.

For the final product, we were to create 2-4 of art for a collection of ceramic plates, using our sketches from the mini-assignment.  Since I use plates to decorate my hutch, I kept that in mind as well. Plates don't need to be restricted to food use, right?

Here's the finished product-my plate design. A border was optional-I decided not to include make the art a focal point. If this went to market, I would definitely suggest a decorative border around the middle and edge of the plate.

Part of this piece was created using bits and pieces from these:

 See if you can figure out what I used!!

More on this class later. Led me to enter Lilla Rogers' Global Talent Search!


Mini Monet Art Exhibit

You know I adore children's art so when I saw the newspaper piece about a Mini Monet children's art show, I was all over that. 3, 4 and 5-year-olds in the local school readiness program created these masterpieces.

First up is "abstract art" by preschoolers

The colors in these pastel renditions are just lovely

Love these clay interpretations

How fun is this????

The colors and placement in this patchwork collage are beautiful!

Nothing like a self-portrait

Reminds me of a the colors and medium

Finally, art is where you find it...found this on my way down the stairs...I'm such a fan of faces

Hope you enjoyed the artwork!!



My Kind of Crazy

I recently found this on a Facebook post (thank you Terrie Lightfoot), and instantly loved the sentiment. To me, this translates to finding your tribe, your people, your compadres. Like-minded for like-minded, art afficionados for art get the gist. I'm a nut for learning new techniques, finding different ways to be expressive with my art and jewelry, experimenting with a different color palette...that's my kind of crazy. And it's all good.

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