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Creating Step-by-Step

Recall I shared this on my Facebook page. Creepy, yes. Finished and pretty...yes and yes. I'm a fan of watching artists create step-by-step, and I'll share some pics with you. I get so involved with the creative process that I forget to take pictures along the way, so I'll post what I have.

I started by gluing down pieces of paper on canvas. Most are my hand-painted papers and papers I reused from previous work, a piece of art paper, and bits of scrapbooking paper.


Next, I sketched out some facial, neck and dress features

Filling in the foundation for her facial features and dress

 Here's where it gets dicey...I just went ahead full-steam and finished her without taking additional pictures.

Nonetheless, I love the way she turned out, don't you? (Note to self...stop along the way and take more pictures...never mind having so much fun). Prints of this lovely are available here

Hope you enjoyed my creative process!!


Art Is You (and me)

There's a camaraderie surrounding art retreats...we're all here to learn, have fun, connect with new and seasoned friends, share stories and just plain enjoy ourselves. Speaking of enjoying ourselves, Saturday happened to be "tutu day". These ladies are all decked out in their finest-you go girls!!


And, for the tutu finale, Tracy Verdugo in the middle with her buds...

I had the pleasure of enjoying my bagged lunch with the lovely & talented Catt Kerr-it was such a pleasure chatting and meeting her and her sister...a couple of great gals...(I heard Catt was a big hit, and I think/hope she's coming back next year). Don't you love her necklace and apron??

 There was Art Trunk and raffles...ummm, did I mention that I won something? Here's Sallieanne picking my lucky ticket

Everything on/near a long table was up for grabs by the lucky winners. Right before the raffle started, Sallieanne showed us a beautiful painting with a was created by Tracy Verdugo and fellow artists at Petaluma Art Is You. So (drum roll here)....I could hardly believe it when my number was called! Are you kidding??? I made a beeline for the painting, and here is the reveal

The colors and technique are truly amazing

A closeup of the face-beautiful detail

Such a beautifully rendered sentiment

 I can't wait to take one of Tracy Verdugo's classes. She's incredibly talented and I love her work. You can see more of her work here

 I'm so over the moon to be the proud owner of this beautiful collaboration of artful souls.


Art-is-You Part 2

Totally Amazing Papers with instructor Albie Smith was just that...amazing. Working with paper, paint, stencils, mark-making tools, cosmetic sponges...we all worked our own magic. Albie was right there in the trenches with us, providing guidance, encouragement and great suggestions along the way. Albie has been creating papers for a long time, and her beautiful papers are evidence of that. The depth and coloration is astounding. I love her work so much that I bought one of her papers to frame, and some of my classmates did the same. And don't get me started on her hand-carved stamps. I left the class with a collection of beautiful papers and memories of a lovely day making art.

Here are some of the papers created by Albie...

Some papers created by my very talented classmates...

Speaking of classmates, look at this cool apron created by the lovely Sherri-is this not a work of art?

All-in-all, an absolutely wonderful, fun-filled artful day...thank you Albie, for sharing your talent with us!!

Stay tuned for more AIY goodness...something happened that literally made me jump for joy...


Art-Is-You Part 1

Last week, I attended Art-Is-You in Stamford, CT. I so look forward to this every year, and really struggle when trying to decide which classes to attend. I am a fan of Michelle Ward's work, and took her Linear Equations class.

She showed us how to make an equally divided surface with no measuring-brilliant! We worked in a grid format to build our sections to create the whole piece. Working both horizontally and vertically & incorporating differrent design elements, we learned how to make the whole piece flow.  

Here's a link to Michelles' blog showing examples of Linear Equations-beautiful work, right?

Ok, here's what my piece looks like so far-I need to do some more serious work on it. It's all about building on layers...right up my alley!

Michelle is a hands-on engaging teacher. Through the class, she offered constructive comments and guidance-my kind of instructor. She's witty and an all-around genuinely lovely person. I didn't realize she is an architect, sharing many insightful views on art and design.

I was so engrossed in the class that, even if I brought my camera (which I forgot to take), I stayed heads-down and just kept on going. I had the best time and came away with a trunkful of new techniques. If you have the opportunity, I encourage you to take one of Michelle's classes-a wonderful and fun learning experience!

In the coming days, I'll be sharing more stories from Art-Is-You-stay tuned...


Who Asked Them, Anyway????

While I'm working in my home studio, people (that would be mostly my friends & family) poke their heads in to say "hey" or "nice work" or, in this case, "what the heck is that supposed to be-it looks like a bug-eyed face in a straitjacket". Well, okay. I create art that is pleasing to my eye, and am always excited about starting a new project. So, when this particular someone asked this question, I took a step back and had a good laugh...she was right. It was a work-in-process and in one of the early stages of creation. I had set it aside to finish later, which I do with some of my artwork. I didn't share her vision initially, as I was sketching and painting as a means to an end. Let me share some pictures and you'll see what i mean...


So, has anyone shared their opinions of your works-in-process? Do tell...