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NYC-Slip Slidin' Away

A couple of weeks ago, I spent 2 days in NYC...yay! Always not enough time to do everything, but yet so much fun...always something new to see and do and a chance to revisit some of my favorite places.

I discovered a great place for lunch...compliments of Rachael Ray...any time I've tried the places she's recommended I've not been disappointed. Newsbar has a killer chicken poblano soup & the best grilled cheese bacon sandwich. They also have every magazine imaginable to read while you eat. I'd go back there in a heartbeat. It's right near Union Square, which is one of my fave locales in the city.

After spending some time shopping, it was time for pizza and beer. We then made our way toward Rockefeller Center, walking about 15 blocks in the -15 degree weather. The streets and sidewalks were still slippery and slushy. Adventurous? Yes. Crazy? Yes. Fun? Yes and yes! It was so worth it to see this...

If you turned around, every few minutes Saks played music and there was a light show projected on the building.

We slid our way back to our hotel (this time in a taxi). More pics to come in my next blogpost. Stay tuned!


Country Living Holiday Bazaar-Oh my!!

Last Friday I attended the first-ever Country Living Holiday Bazaar. Sponsored by Country Living Magazine, the event was held at Lyndhurst, a beautiful castle on the Hudson River. The bazaar was actually in a series of tents and the carriage house. Honestly, I don't know where to start-it was fantastic! A ton of creative vendors...I was in my element for sure. As soon as I entered the first tent, I knew I was done for-I tried to take everything in and loved it all. I started to take pictures, but was soon in a look/shop trance-I was a woman with a mission. I'll show you a combo of pictures from the event and some pics of what I bought (probably more than I should have, but couldn't help myself). I was almost giddy with excitement! Here's a rundown of the afternoon...

KD Vintage

My eye went right to the vintage ornaments and decorations...I didn't know where to look! Just lovely and very reasonably priced. My sister couldn't help herself...she went back a second time.

One of the many holiday trees on display

Santas and sooooo much more (it's a littley blurry-I was probably shaking with excitement)

A little bird under glass...there's a story this picture you'll see a porcelain figure under glass, which is quite aged-years ago, my mom wasn't feeling well and my dad went out and bought her this lovely lady-it's been on my hutch forever. The bird now sits right next to it. My mom and I share a love of birds.

 Speaking of...I love this metallic bird-the color is gorgeous. The small tree sits on top of a bottle filled with glitter, wrapped in beads and a jewel with the word "wish" on a small tag. In the background is my mom's wedding picture, a scraggly little tree she bought for me one Christmas, and a little figure and star-these stay out all year long.

 Three Birds Studio

Beautiful display, lovely artisan jewelry...I could have bought everything, but narrowed it down to this-love the deep pendant, vintage-look background and the all comes together to create a stunning piece.

 I was drawn to the display-done just right to make the jewelry the star

Jeorgie Miley

Let me tell you, this girl's got it goin' on. Her collection of purses made with vintage lace and dyed to replicate an antique look are GORGEOUS. She also makes other beautiful accessories, including pillows. Her display really evoked the spirit of her work, kind of vintage-meets-wild-west. So talented-I loved everything! 

Velvet's Vintage

I bought this necklace-loved the vintage vibe and style of it. "Vintage Soul" is stamped onto a spoon, adorned with a gem.  Adore.

Thoms Daughter Folk Art

I was fascinated by Kelly Patton's art...very whimsical and plenty of faces, which you know I love! I bought these 2 pieces-her art is very expressive and different...the colors really pop.

Earth Angels Studio

Laurie Meseroll has been a favorite artist of mine for several years-love love her art (I have some of her art prints), and there was plenty just waiting for a home. I had to buy this hand-painted burlap art purse for my cat-loving sister-had to hide it from her at the show-she'll be thrilled to have this in her Christmas stocking.

After drooling over her work a gazillion times, I finally took a class with her at Art-is-You. A short story...when I didn't have a clue how to make art prints, I emailed Laurie-she was so gracious and very giving. She gave me tons of information and really went out of her way to explain different ways to create prints. I will always be grateful to her. When I created my website banner, I included the picture I created in her class...she doesn't know this, but it is an homage to her and her art. Thank you, Laurie, from the bottom of my heart.

I got to meet the lovely Jen O'Connor, owner of Earth Angels Studios-what a pleasure to have a few minutes to chat with her. There were so many artists featured-great to see their work in person. If you haven't done so, visit the site-you'll be inspired!

The Painted Fern

Can you tell by now that I love vintage-inspired objects?? Bought for me, one for someone else (that's the way it's doe, right?)-can't say who until Christmas Eve. Lovely display, lovely people, love these pendants.

JBS Mercantile

What an utterly cool display...they had so many vintage items-I spent a good amount of time there-so much to take in. I could have bought alot more, but eventually settled on these pieces-plan is to make necklaces.

Scarlett Scales Antiques

Another vintage-inspired display with clothes, home accessories, jewelry and so much more! Bought this dress for the holiday...beautiful trim and


What a beautiful and artful display. Tons of vintage-inspired jewelry and home accessories-right down my alley! I had to walk around a few times to be sure I didn't miss anything. Everything, including the packaging, was just lovely. Ended up buying this ornament (did I say I love birds?), which sits on my Charlie Brown tree. Love both the front and back.

Shari Replogle Designs

I practically ran over to Shari's table to see this. You just cannot imagine the beauty of this mixed media assemblage. When you open the pages, it's all eye candy. Shari teaches you a ton of techniques in her online class, available in her Etsy shop. I'm all over this one. I loved talking with Shari-such a lovely person and you could tell how much she enjoys sharing information about her craft. So so talented-her work is fantistic!

This trailer from Stash Style was all decked out for the holidays. What a great idea-look at the ornaments in the basket and the lights on the bicycle.

On a final note, I thought these items complemented each other-I like the way this picture turned out.

This post included a small fraction of the many talented artists. My hat goes off to all of them...I know how much work goes into this. I can't wait for the Country Living show in June...I need to save my pennies.


Holiday Artisan Market (cont'd)

As promised, here's the next installment of my visit to the recent artisans and artists market.

Next up is

Tina's Baskets

Tina takes basket weaving to a whole new level. She works with the bittersweet vine that grows locally in CT. Working with it and having it come out looking as lovely as this is quite a talent, and Tina does it beautifully. Her display is striking, both in color and arrangement.

Vito Bonanno

Vito's art really caught my eye. The colors and freedom with which he expresses himself through his art is very fresh and inviting.



 Three Bluebirds

Lynda's display was so packed with people I could hardly fit in to take pictures. She designs and sells eco-friendly Swedish dishcloths, and they were being bought in handfuls. The designs are lovely, as is her display. Here's a picture of Lynda with her cloths...

 A cloth with a and functional works of art


I was fascinated by these flasks...the artwork is so interesting, and the concept is brilliant. The display is so the color combination, which showcases the products so well.

 A.MUse Emporium of Loveliness

Anna Murfin is a ceramacist and fine artist, and I was fascinated by the shapes and colors of her pieces. She takes teapots, mugs and other vessels to a whole new level, and the combinations of colors, textures and design produce a lovely mix. 


 The Golden Button

 Lovely handmade items abound at this local boutique


Masque Theatre

I love renderings of faces, and I found these so interesting. Several are also functional...I was standing next to a couple discussing which one to buy for their kitchen to hang aprons. The colors really pop on all of the pieces. 

 Lavender Creek Farm-Woodbury, CT (contact

I was so taken with the hand-knit items beautifully crafted with handspun alpaca yarns from this local alpaca farm. I didn't realize that alpaca is hypo-allergenic & 7 times warmer than wool-who knew?

June spins the yarn and knits

 This picture really doesn't do justice to the beauty and detail

My sister would love love this cat pillow

One of the babies born this year-look at those eyelashes

Hardcore Sweet Cupcakes

Winners of Season 9 Cupcake Wars on the Food Network, they were parked right outside on the street! You know I made a beeline to the truck. Their cupcakes are huge and delicious, and they recently opened a store as well. Hello cupcake heaven...


It was a great day to spend visiting the many talented artists and artisans at the State of Makers venue. I hope you enjoyed everything lovingly handmade. 


Holiday Artisan Market

This past Saturday I attended a wonderful artisan market, State of Makers, which showcased some of the area's artists and artisans. City hall in Waterbury, CT, a beautiful recently-restored building, served as the backdrop to this very talented group.

Some shots of the city hall's architecture...

A massive marble staircase

Leading to this...

So interesting how art and architecture are intertwined...

My camera really doesn't do justice to the beauty of this building.

Now, on to the artists and artisans...I've included links to their sites for more info...

 Ruben Marroquin Contemporary Embroidery & Weaving

Ruben is a textile designer, weaver, painter and sculptor-so talented. I had the pleasure of speaking with him and watching as he weaved...truly fascinating.

Birds are a favorite of mine, and I loved this rendering...birds silk screened on a woven full of texture and color...

Bradley Mountain Soaps

Handmade herbal and goat milk soaps are their speciality and they are so well-crafted. Honestly, the bar soaps looked so delicious I could have eaten them! Beautifully packaged, and their display is eye-catching. I tried to capture more pictures of the display, but there were so many people looking and buying...but that's a good thing, right?

Bath Tub Getaway...very cute...

More artists to come in my next post!!


Open Studio Hartford

This past weekend, I participated in the annual Open Studio Hartford show. As before, I was located in the gallery, surrounded by beautiful art, kindred spirits and lively music. So wonderful to see art buds I haven't seen in a whole year, sharing stories and our love of the craft. There's nothing like a good art show to give you a shot in the arm and some inspiration. So that's what I'll be sharing here...I found these pieces so interesting, each in its own way. So here we go...

Let's start off with my lovely friend Robin Rice...her paintings of angels are absolutely beautiful...taught herself how to paint. She's standing next to "Eve's Garden" this wouldn't believe what this artist does with it. He was wearing a paper tie-how cool is that???

 Love the playfulness of this piece

A buddha-this picture really doesn't do it justice...the piece is ginourmous and the colors are gorgeous.

 Additional art I found so very interesting, different and expressive...

I'm really into numbers

After staring at these dolls for the last couple of years, I just had to have something from Mystic Asylum

Loving the necklace I bought. The detail in her work is fantastic, and her display really showcases the artisan that she is.

 John Eastman never ceases to deliver surprises with his astounding assemblages.

 The detail in this piece is mesmerizing


Great colors and assemblage

There were so many more pieces by several talented artists...something for everyone, and that's what it's all about, isn't it?