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Curse of the Black Thumb

I have, as they say, a "black thumb".  I don't care what kind of fertilizer I use, it just doesn't work for matter how much I try, how much I care for my plants and veggies, it is to no avail.  When the cool fall weather rolls in I'm somewhat grateful, as I don't have to keep explaining why my flowers and produce look so horrible...I simply say, "The frost got 'em". 

See what I mean...pretty scraggly

This one didn't turn out too's an eyeball plant-creepy but yet inviting!

A picture of my black thumb (not a good idea-I just got black paint all over my camera lens)

Thank goodness for fall and winter (sigh).


Follow Your Path

I'm a big fan of Leslie Riley...her words of wisdom about pursuing the artist's life (or another path you crave) are an inspiration and driving force.  She shares her experiences and that of others who have followed their passions in life.  The attached article really embodies the spirit in all of us..."It's never too late to be what you might have been."- George Eliot

And take a look at the recommendations section...great show coming up on BRAVO, soon a handheld printer that goes with you anywhere (how cool is that, right?), and some tips on making signs with a vintage twist. 

To your art and life...


Cosmo the Art Critic

This weekend, I participated in a local art league show.  I was in the company of some very talented artists...pastel, watercolor, oil.  I was the rabblerouser, so to speak...with my mixed media stuff.  The group was very gracious, welcoming and everyone seemed to appreciate my work.  The effort put forth by the league members produced a lovely show.  It was great to be a part of it all.  While assisting with payment processing, an art critic with a keen eye (or bubble eyes, as I call these winsome dog eyes that just melt you) passed by the table.  I just couldn't resist snapping a picture of him...can you believe he's 13 years old?  Cosmo is looking quite dapper.



Scored a New Table for My Studio!!

Can you believe I was able to score such a talented tailor-extraordinaire neighbor mentioned she was giving it away, and lo and matches my studio!!  My studio is small so this is a perfect fit-give it wheels and we're good to go! Thank you you have room for more sewing machines!!


A Day Out of the Ordinary

I was thinking the other day that this would be a perfect place to park myself for the wouldn't you just love to be here??? 

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