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Art Journey with Seth Apter

A couple of weeks ago, I participated in a Seth Apter class at Beautiful Impressions, and a journey it was. I am a fan of Seth's techniques and much dimension and interest in every piece he creates. We debossed, embossed, glazed, splattered, framed-out, dripped, stamped and sponged (and more)! Seth's method of layering was loaded with tips and techniques. I appreciate his style of teaching, and he was hands-on with us all the way!! I tend to not take enough pictures when I'm in a class, but managed to snap some along the way...

This is my start-just paint

Next, playing with stencils (I think I embossed here-with gesso)

Adding more color...

More stenciling...

I either stamped or be honest, I can't remember, but I like it!!

My piece needs more work, but I love the effect so far. Here's a look at my classmates' creations-love the way everyone has a different eye when it comes to composition!!

When I take classes, I usually don't finish a piece, but that's okay. You know what they say about the journey and destination...I truly enjoyed this artful journey!!

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