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Holiday Artisan Market (cont'd)

As promised, here's the next installment of my visit to the recent artisans and artists market.

Next up is

Tina's Baskets

Tina takes basket weaving to a whole new level. She works with the bittersweet vine that grows locally in CT. Working with it and having it come out looking as lovely as this is quite a talent, and Tina does it beautifully. Her display is striking, both in color and arrangement.

Vito Bonanno

Vito's art really caught my eye. The colors and freedom with which he expresses himself through his art is very fresh and inviting.



 Three Bluebirds

Lynda's display was so packed with people I could hardly fit in to take pictures. She designs and sells eco-friendly Swedish dishcloths, and they were being bought in handfuls. The designs are lovely, as is her display. Here's a picture of Lynda with her cloths...

 A cloth with a and functional works of art


I was fascinated by these flasks...the artwork is so interesting, and the concept is brilliant. The display is so the color combination, which showcases the products so well.

 A.MUse Emporium of Loveliness

Anna Murfin is a ceramacist and fine artist, and I was fascinated by the shapes and colors of her pieces. She takes teapots, mugs and other vessels to a whole new level, and the combinations of colors, textures and design produce a lovely mix. 


 The Golden Button

 Lovely handmade items abound at this local boutique


Masque Theatre

I love renderings of faces, and I found these so interesting. Several are also functional...I was standing next to a couple discussing which one to buy for their kitchen to hang aprons. The colors really pop on all of the pieces. 

 Lavender Creek Farm-Woodbury, CT (contact

I was so taken with the hand-knit items beautifully crafted with handspun alpaca yarns from this local alpaca farm. I didn't realize that alpaca is hypo-allergenic & 7 times warmer than wool-who knew?

June spins the yarn and knits

 This picture really doesn't do justice to the beauty and detail

My sister would love love this cat pillow

One of the babies born this year-look at those eyelashes

Hardcore Sweet Cupcakes

Winners of Season 9 Cupcake Wars on the Food Network, they were parked right outside on the street! You know I made a beeline to the truck. Their cupcakes are huge and delicious, and they recently opened a store as well. Hello cupcake heaven...


It was a great day to spend visiting the many talented artists and artisans at the State of Makers venue. I hope you enjoyed everything lovingly handmade. 

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