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Open Studio Hartford

This past weekend, I participated in the annual Open Studio Hartford show. As before, I was located in the gallery, surrounded by beautiful art, kindred spirits and lively music. So wonderful to see art buds I haven't seen in a whole year, sharing stories and our love of the craft. There's nothing like a good art show to give you a shot in the arm and some inspiration. So that's what I'll be sharing here...I found these pieces so interesting, each in its own way. So here we go...

Let's start off with my lovely friend Robin Rice...her paintings of angels are absolutely beautiful...taught herself how to paint. She's standing next to "Eve's Garden" this wouldn't believe what this artist does with it. He was wearing a paper tie-how cool is that???

 Love the playfulness of this piece

A buddha-this picture really doesn't do it justice...the piece is ginourmous and the colors are gorgeous.

 Additional art I found so very interesting, different and expressive...

I'm really into numbers

After staring at these dolls for the last couple of years, I just had to have something from Mystic Asylum

Loving the necklace I bought. The detail in her work is fantastic, and her display really showcases the artisan that she is.

 John Eastman never ceases to deliver surprises with his astounding assemblages.

 The detail in this piece is mesmerizing


Great colors and assemblage

There were so many more pieces by several talented artists...something for everyone, and that's what it's all about, isn't it?

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