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Creativity & Curiosity

"When I refer to "creative living," I am speaking more broadly. I'm talking about living a life that is driven more strongly by curiosity than by fear." "The hunt to uncover those jewels—that's creative living. The courage to go on that hunt in the first place—that's what separates a mundane existence from a more enchanted one."  I can identify with Elizabeth Gilbert​'s message in this excerpt from her upcoming book, BIG MAGIC ...I've been relentlessly curious throughout my life. Her story of the skater....reminds me of the time I decided to pursue crew. I loved the idea of gliding through the water on a tranquil morning, breathing the fresh air, and viewing the habits of river wildlife. REALITY>crew is grueling, sweaty and damn hard work, and I loved every second of it!! Who gets up at 5:00am, hoists a 250+ pound wooden boat with 7 rowmates and gets soaked, row for over an hour while listening to a coxswain yell commands...that would be me. Those that know me can attest that I'm not a "morning person", so they knew I was committed (or that I lost my mind).

So the story goes...I went on to win a race, along with 7 other men & women in an 8-person boat...who knew?? Never rowed in my life, but my curiosity got the best of me....or maybe it brought out the best in me??  Either way, it felt right...and good...and incredibly creative!!!




Tons of Talent at Tamarack (Part One)

A few months ago, I had the pleasure of taking a road trip to West Virginia to visit family. My sister suggested we visit an artisan center displaying the work of West Virginian artists...I was intrigued.  As we arrived, looming before us was a place called TAMARACK, aptly named for the resilient Tamarack tree, native to West Virginia. The nation’s first center for a state’s handcrafts, Tamarack opened in 1996. The facility is built in a circle with the star quilt pattern as its architectural design. Never did I expect to see such a vast and beautiful display of artisans' work!!

The beautiful plaque at the entrance...

One of the first images we saw as we walked in...

 Blown glass...

 Very cool art...

Art on leaves...

Art on feathers...

Unique pottery...




STAY TUNED FOR PART TWO...I'll be featuring individual artists and their'll want to see this!!


Why Slow & Steady Doesn't Always Work (but the outcome is great)

While driving down one of my city's streets, I spotted something in the road..a turtle, trying to cross-I couldn't believe that cars were driving around it and not stopping to help. I have a soft spot for animals, especially those in distress or danger. I pulled a u-turn, parked in the middle of the road and carried the turtle to the other side...he was obviously trying to navigate to another body of water. The thing was huge and beautiful and, I swear, almost bit me. No problem, he was now safe and making his way in the woods.

Beside the possibility of being hit by a car, once the ordeal was over, I realized there was a line of cars in each direction-uh oh! Instead of honking horns, imagine my surprise when people started clapping and shouting "thank you" from their cars...totally unexpected and graciously received.

(I know he's smiling at me)



Art Journey with Seth Apter

A couple of weeks ago, I participated in a Seth Apter class at Beautiful Impressions, and a journey it was. I am a fan of Seth's techniques and much dimension and interest in every piece he creates. We debossed, embossed, glazed, splattered, framed-out, dripped, stamped and sponged (and more)! Seth's method of layering was loaded with tips and techniques. I appreciate his style of teaching, and he was hands-on with us all the way!! I tend to not take enough pictures when I'm in a class, but managed to snap some along the way...

This is my start-just paint

Next, playing with stencils (I think I embossed here-with gesso)

Adding more color...

More stenciling...

I either stamped or be honest, I can't remember, but I like it!!

My piece needs more work, but I love the effect so far. Here's a look at my classmates' creations-love the way everyone has a different eye when it comes to composition!!

When I take classes, I usually don't finish a piece, but that's okay. You know what they say about the journey and destination...I truly enjoyed this artful journey!!


NYC-The Adventure Continues

So it goes...the next day, the temps rose above 0 degrees so we were all in a frenzy to get out and shop and eat, and do more shopping and eating. But before we left, we walked around our hotel, the Gansevoort Park Hotel on Park Ave South...a lovely small-ish hotel with a huuuuuge fireplace and OVERSIZED chairs...these babies could have fit 3 people at once. Here's a pic of the tall lovely tree in the lobby

 And the purple chandeliers match the tree bulbs!

Beautiful floral arrangement at the front desk (it changes daily)

We went up to the roof to tour the pool area...yes, there was outdoor swimming in's a heated pool & you have the option to swim inside or outside-some brave souls ventured out in the freezing temps-check out the greenery on the walls

Don't think anyone chose to sit outside

A terrific view of the Empire State Building

I was fascinated by these works of art...these are cakes!!

Thank goodness the weather improved & I was able to enjoy just walking around the city-can't wait to get back!!